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WHAT IT MEANS TO TEACH….A letter from a riding student many years ago….

WHAT IT MEANS TO TEACH…..I received this note this morning from a former riding student in Sedona.

The first time i met Karin i thought she was funny-she was wearing suspenders after all. She taught me how to ride from the very beginning (i was 11) the first time she had me canter in the arena a bee hit me in the face and she made me keep going. Then my parents leased Brownie – the pony – f

rom her for me and i had that little guy for a while and then Joker – the beautiful buckskin cutting horse, who bucked me off at my first show and then Sinatra – the beautiful black quarter horse – with his one blue eye (i loved that guy) and then i, finally, got Shier Khan…….the love of my life at 14:)Karin taught me how to show, jump and Juli and i would spend hours making jumps out of the wood around El Rojo Grande Ranch and making courses for ourselves…..i miss that place…..

i miss riding now-i’m 31 and haven’t ridden in a few years….the memories of Karin and of her coaching have given me an ideal to live up to-you know the people you’ll never forget? – she’s one of them!!!!

Karin-you were always so good to me, so kind…..but also hard on me-and i really appreciate that as an adult.

Thank you Anna Lee….you were a wonder ! I am so proud of you today ! Love , Karin