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Thank you for visiting!  As you wander through this website you will learn a lot about horses. One friend said that a visit to was like taking a holiday.  For me, as an artist, thats a compliment. Thank you!07LF7792 By visiting , you will find dressage, you’ll read about the documentary film Harry and Snowman, you’ll meet the incredible breeding stallions Lingh, Hexagon’s Louisville and Tiamo Trocadero and you’ll find the results of many of the Offield Farm’s and contests and projects.   All of these events have been a lot of work, combining the talent of top graphic and creative teams around the world. 

We invite breeders from around the globe to communicate with each other in open and interactive relationship discussions with the top professionals and young riders out there for the training and riding of their young horses bred in America. We support the equine breeding industry here in America.

I am glad you have taken the time to visit the website, we hope all of your horse journeys are dreams come true. I would be privileged to help you achieve your goals.  Please contact me for a consultation.


Here below are some links to my favorite videos  –  Lingh’s Most Memorable rides and moments. Lingh Video Library

To watch the music video by Theo van Bruggen telling the story of the Musical Kur on please pass these links on to your friends! The Music and Magic of Lingh – A tribute to an amazing stallion

To read about Lingh Lingh’s Home Page


Click on this link to see the greatest Lingh video ever – Lingh Longlining at Globen Horse Show, Stockholm, Sweden with Bo Jena Here is the original note from the man that sent me the video. I am grateful!  ” Hi Karin, It was a real pleasure to watch Lingh and his performance in Stockholm at the Globen !  Just listen to the audience. You are lucky to own such a brilliant stallion. I have made a film clip from his performance Sunday.   Sincerely, Mats Mellberg ”  Thank you Mats for this incredible hair raising, spine tingling video !


Karin is the EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the  feature documentary, Harry & Snowman.


Click for more about the Harry & Snowman movie

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About Offield Farms: 
 Offield Farms’ mission is to serve as a significant catalyst for the advancement and promotion of equestrian sport through special events, educational programs, corporate entertainment, media projects and through personal interaction between horse lovers and horses.