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Hexagon’s Louisville

1993 17.3 h Bay Dutch WarmbloodBreeder: J. W. M. Wouters, NL,

Burggraaf – Vesins xx – Dirigent

Owner: Offield Farms

Breeder: J. W. M. Wouters, NL

Stallion Approvals: GOV, and RPSI, KWPN-NA Register B stallion



 Hexagon’s Louisville is simply breathtaking. A successful international level grand prix horse in Europe, he is extremely rideable and has wonderful character.

With Leunus Van Lieren, Louisville was named to the 2004 Dutch B Team along with such notables as Broere Jazz, Idocus and Alabama. In 2002, Louisville was third at grand prix at the CDN Kootwijk, the Netherlands. Louisville has competed at the top European shows including the CDI Rotterdam, Breda and others. Now he is helping his amateur owner to top ribbons at grand prix on the competitive Florida circuit. In 2006, Louisville won the prestigious USDF Amateur Grand Prix Horse of the Year and the USDF All Breeds (KWPN-NA) Amateur Grand Prix Horse of the Year with scores over 65%. He was invited to compete at the 2006 USEF National Grand Prix Freestyle Championships where he finished sixth in the Grand Prix and eight in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Louisville is a well-bred son of Burggraaf, son of the immortal Landgraf I. Louisville’s foals inherit his delightful temperament and athletic ability. Whether you compete in dressage or need a partner in the hunter or jumper ring, Louisville can help make your breeding dreams come true.

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Breeding Inquiries  Karin Reid Offield 561-301-7818 and Select Breeders Services USA

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Louisville's Merlin - owned and trained by Karin Reid Offield

Louisville’s Merlin – owned and trained by Karin Reid Offield

Hexagon’s Wellnetta with Rider Laurens van Lieren


Wellnetta with Rider Katherine Bateson, now retired to breeding


Ali Brock and her Hexagon’s Louisville “Bon Ami”, earned a PSG score of 74.605%

Offield Farm’s Hexagon’s Louisville’s offspring Hexagon’s Wellnetta and Hexagon’s Zodinde also had terrific competitive success at Hagen! Hexagon’s Wellnetta was 5th in the Grand Prix Freestyle with 75.2% (rider, Laurens van Lieren). Hexagon’s Zodinde was 3rd in the Intermediare I with 69.421% (rider, Thamar Zweistre). It is exceptional that such a large percentage of Hexagon Louisville’s offspring are successfully competing in FEI dressage, highlighting the wonderful rideabilty and athletic talent this good natured stallion offers. With Hexagon Louisville’s outstanding frozen semen conception rates and indisputable production record, be sure to consider this wonderful stallion for your mare this season!

Hexagon’s Louisville
Landgraf I
Vesins XX
Ladykiller XX
Warthburg H
Cor De La Bryere
Tarquin XX
Vesper XX


“He’s got that same incredible elasticity and talent (as Kingston)…this is such a talented horse!”

“He has the most forward heart…like a Kennedy heart… you can just trust that he will never stop at a pirouette.”

On Burggraaf horses: “Super, super sweet character…and they can all piaffe!”

Six-time Olympian
Robert Dover


Hassler Dressage writes: We have been proud to manage Hexagon’s  Louisville  over the past few years and we will dearly miss his charismatic presence and enormously kind nature in our stable every day. We appreciate how much it will mean to Louisville’s breeder Leunus van Lieren to have Louisville retire at ‘home’ and to have the opportunity to produce more top offspring like Hexagon’s Wonderella and Hexagon’s Welnetta, both top mares which have shone for their sire Louisville in international sport.

 Karin Offield writes:  I am thrilled that Louisville passes on to his mares his incredible character and work ethic.  He was, after Lingh, my favorite ride, as he was as light as a feather, as steady as the Rock of Gibraltar and the MOST FUN HORSE TO RIDE! I want to thank Mike Etherly for helping me purchase him, we must have seen 50 Grand Prix horses on that trip and it was at Stal Hexagon that we saw Louisville for the first time.  I encourage any breeder to look at him carefully for their mares.”

Bron: Offieldfarms

December 9, 2009. Louisville arrived safely through the hands of Tim Dutta and his Dutta Corporation Equine Transport. Thank you Tim!!  Leunus and I have been working on this transition for months, making sure that the timing was ideal for getting Louisville to Holland in time for the 2010 breeding season.  I have had great feedback from the mare owners here in the U.S. who have bred to Louisville and I encourage our North American breeders to continue accessing this amazingly generous stallion though frozen season.

Many people have asked me why Louisville is primarily a breeding stallions and no longer in competition. His career-ending injury followed the days of the Freestyle Championships in Wellington, prior to the 2005 World Cup in Las Vegas.  When I arrived at the stable one morning,my coach told me that Louisville had been injured in his paddock that morning. He had bucked and played and injured his stifle.  This injury required surgery. With the help of Hassler Dressage and their qualified team, we brought Louisville back to optimum health day by day, week by week.

It’s been a difficult journey and my heartfelt thanks go out to the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center and Unionville Equine where Louis had the very best equine attention. He will never be able to load his hindquarters for upper level work, and it’s very risky for him to be turned out again, but he is kept comfortable and ridden lightly twice a day. He loves life. Aptly named “King Louis” at the Hassler’s beautiful stables in Maryland, he was the favorite horse to work with by both staff and attending vets!

Hi Karin,   I want to thank you so much for the opportunity to work with and care for Louisville the past few years.  I know I don’t have to tell you, he is so special.  He has touched my soul, I have so many wonderful memories with him at the farm and will miss him dearly.  Thank you again for allowing me to be a small part of his beautiful life.

-Ashley Madison – Hassler Farms groom and exercise rider

I respectfully acknowledge the care which Louis received over recent years.  His excellent condition and healthy attitude today is a strong testimony to that care. Louis was a lucky horse to have the Hasslers and their level of service that cared enough about his well-being to provide for his needs on an optimal level.  When Louis’ sport career came to an end with his stifle injury and subsequent surgery, as is typical in such cases over time, arthritis has set into the joint. Louis’ arthritis has indeed required intensive supportive treatment—all very standard and appropriate to support an active breeding stallion who must rely on the comfort of his hind end to breed. In addition, thanks to the therapeutic support we provided Louis, we were able to keep him in an exercise program which supported his overall physical condition to the high standard in which he arrived back in the Netherlands. Thank you, Karin Reid Offield

“Hexagon’s Louisville – An honor to ride him !” said by riders of Louisville.

Leunus and Erika and Stal Hexagon have welcomed back Louisville with open arms. The neighborhood is visiting their barn to visit Louisville; stories are being written about the famous horse that left Zeeland for the United States and has returned home again.  He whinnies each morning when Leunus arrives at his stable and I am very satisfied that it is a beautiful life for my beloved Louis.

Retirement for Louisville at Stal Hexagon

Retirement for Louisville at Stal Hexagon

Veel belangstelling voor Hexagons Louisville
Hexagons Louisville maakt het goed.
Hij heeft geen last van jetlag-verschijnselen en hij blijkt snel gewend te zijn aan zijn “nieuwe – oude” omgeving.
Het Hexagonteam zal de aandacht  zoals hij die in Amerika kreeg, niet helemaal  kunnen evenaren. Tot in detail bijgehouden logboeken en DVD-opnamen tonen ons dat er dagelijks zeer intensief  nauwgezet voor hem gezorgd werd.  Deze zorg was volledig op zijn behoeften en karakter afgestemd. Toch heeft Louisville niet te klagen over  belangstelling. Er kwamen al veel mensen naar naar hem kijken. Een aantal  van hen wil met hem fokken. Het feit dat Louisville in Duitsland is goedgekeurd, speelt hierbij naast alle goede eigenschappen en kenmerken, natuurlijk een rol. Ook zullen de uitstekende prestaties van Hexagons Wellnetta wellicht van invloed zijn.

Wij zijn natuurlijk erg blij dat Karin Offield (Offieldfarms; <> ) ons in de gelegenheid gesteld hebben Louisville weer bij ons op te nemen én met hem te fokken.