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“Saving JUMPERS” – the story before HARRY & SNOWMAN


Saving JUMPERS by Karin Reid Offield.

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 World Premier April 11 and 12th, 2015 at Full Frame Film Festival in Raleigh NC

The steps that follow this first  film festival are: Accept Film Festival Invitations – 10 winning Laurels awarded to HARRY&SNOWMAN.   Find world wide distributors for the film.  We did it!  We have a partner! Announced April 1st, 2016  

Once this happens, FilmRise will create their marketing plan and the film will then be released. 

Scheduled to be released on September 30th, 2016 and the DVD release did follow. 

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Karin Reid Offield’s story of Saving JUMPERS
leads us to “Harry & Snowman
With the attention of the global horse-worlds focused in Wellington, Florida’s Winter Equestrian Festival, and competitions in Ocala, Florida and out west in California, Karin Reid Offield (Offield Farms) has taken the lead to fund a film depicting an amazing real-life story, of the most famous horse ever “rescued.”

Literally pulled off the slaughter truck for $80 by renowned Equestrian Harry DeLeyer, Snowman went on to become a three-time National Champion earning his place into the Show Jumping Hall Of Fame.

Karin’s “Saving JUMPERS” is an untold story behind the story. It includes rescuing over 7 miles of lost film footage – ultimately providing some of the historic images in the film, “Harry & Snowman.”

We believe that your Readers, Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends will be:
motivated to read, fan, promote and share this story,
intrigued to hear about the 35 years that went into making this film,
touched to feel the heartwarming tale of one man’s love for his horse, and may ultimately be
inspired to experience what it’s like to rescue an animal for themselves, and
FIRED-UP to share the story with their “followers” and “friends.”

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