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INA PREPARES LINGH FOR GALA and some advice for Lingh offspring handlers.

Lingh stands as a breeding stallion in Germany. I really miss him but I cannot bring him home to Michigan. It is too far away from the mares of the sport world. Lingh’s job is to be the sire of great foals….I have spoken to many owner/ breeders and I will begin to post the stories and photos i have received. It is an exciting time in Lingh’s career – his first foals of German decent are on the ground and the Dutch offspring are competing in the low levels, and making their way up the ladders….The Swedish foals are still young. A comment that I have heard many times is that when the foals go to the shows, the Lingh foals are calm. It has been mentioned that the judges like to see “hot”  “explosive” and “wow” factors in the foals performances. A lesson is here.

My suggestion is to have your Lingh foals handled by top sport breeding handlers, experienced in “presenting” the foal to his or her BEST APPEARANCE! On the other hand, this is a skill that can be learned….so  –  good luck to all the Lingh breeders out there – keep me posted to the results or sales of the offspring. Lingh and I will follow your adventures, proudly !

Ina loves Lingh