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Saying goodbye to DressageDirect –

Friends Forever

Friends Forever

Claartje writes….We received a wonderful letter from our first moment-sponsor and friend Karin Reid Offield that we like to share with you.

November 29th 2014

Dear Claartje and trusted writers at DressageDirect,

I wanted to write a personal and unsolicited letter to Claartje today after receiving her letter telling us that DressageDirect’s amazing life has come to an end.

I first met Claartje at the World Cup in Las Vegas in 2005. We had many things in common and our conversations those days led us to a friendship that has lasted these many years. Our goal over the years was to promote dressage. I have been a fierce advocate for DressageDirect. I believe the intrinsic value of DressageDirect, more than any source of public equestrian relations, is that Claartje and her DressageDirect has single handedly made the topsport of Dressage GLOBAL in every meaning of the word. She took the results of EVERY CDI around the world and sent them directly to our “handies”, our cellphones, then to the newer smartphones and then of course to the ole reliables – our home computers. The results of CDI Dressage events were not to be found “off in some cyber space”, there were no websites that we had to seek out, no “links” we had to find, DressageDirect sought us out – the results found us where ever we were standing, around the world. DressageDirect announced in a reliable and easy to read format the winners in descending order of every Grand Prix, Special and Grand Prix Freestyle.

If that effort and service were not enough, she did a follow-up DressageDirect News in English and German so that we were up to date on fascinating background details that she herself had gathered or via her trusted corps of writers around the world. Claartje was the essential one-man band with a loyal and respected following of photographers and writers. I am so proud to have been her colleague, with offering over the years free memberships to DressageDirect to members of the United States Dressage Federation; collaborations between the American Hanoverian Association and the KWPN-NA bringing members of both organizations to DressageDirect for free 6 month memberships; and free memberships were offered to Lingh breeders at Hassler Dressage, among others. DressageDirect made us friends around the world.

Thank you Claartje and team for a one of a kind journey. I challenge the rest of the equestrian public relations industry to take up where Claartje leaves off and keep Dressage in our Global eye.

I never erased a one,

love Karin and Lingh

Back Story

In 2009 KWPN-NA and AHS Partner with

Wellington, FL

Karin Reid Offield and Offield Farms are proud to announce that the KWPN-NA and the American Hanoverian Society (AHS) have become Official Marketing Partners with, courtesy of Offield Farms. Members of the organizations can enjoy a free six-month subscription to the service that brings international dressage news straight to your in-box. With international grand prix results and all of the inside news from around the world of dressage, is the one e-newsletter that dressage enthusiasts love to receive. Daily reports from the Rolex FEI World Cup Dressage Finals in Las Vegas begin next week Wednesday, April 18 through Sunday, April 22.

“ is the central source of international grand prix scores,” Offield explains. “Their unique global coverage is very convenient and extremely useful for breeders, trainers and riders who need to know what is happening in the dressage world. Later in the season fans of the sport will not want to miss’s coverage of the European Championships, Pan American Games and the Bundeschampionat as well as CDIs around the world.”

In addition to the great coverage of international dressage events, has been constructing an online library of Olympic and World Championship archives. This is available in the members section of the website. Offield continues,   “I am really proud of the library they have amassed. This helps breeders make better choices and affords the serious student of the sport an additional resource. I am so pleased to be able to bring this service to breeders in North America.”

Members of the KWPN-NA and the AHS simply need to visit or respectively and click on the link. Follow the prompts and soon your first issue of will arrive in your in-box.

Other breed organizations interested in partnering with, please contact

About Offield Farms

Offield Farms mission is to serve as a significant catalyst for the advancement and promotion of the sport of dressage through special events, educational programs, corporate entertainment, media projects and through personal interaction between horse lovers and horses.


Thank you all for climbing on the bandwagon of this great site!  Karin