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Chakar – by Lingh

My blog is something I care very much about. I like to bring us all news of Lingh, our life here in the United States, and sometimes special events…This summer I received a beautiful photograph of a Lingh foal – all grown up now at 7 years of age. In his photo he is a 6 year old. The owner writes to me…. 

Hi Karin,

Here Chakar is a 6 year old. He is a very kind and happy horse. He is a horse with a baby look and I think he is very young at heart, still not like an adult horse. When I ride him he is very willing to work, but there is also a special spirit in him. It’s like he is a big child with sometimes a jump in him to keep you awake, but most of the time he is very very obedient.

He’s a very nice horse to work with, and everyone that knows him adores him because of his look and his kindness. They all want to ride on him because he is so easy to work with.

He is very light to ride. He is kind to every horse and human. He doesn’t like leg protection, and he hates bread but loves apples! When I groom him he stand patiently and when I walk away he walks behind me.

This story says it enough: He is a very good horse, by character and appearance!


Anja van Weeren

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