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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all our friends!

Lingh Passed Away Here is a short piece from Euro Dressage and Astrid’s kind story Owning a World Famous Horse Karin with Lingh at Gestut Birkhof in 2015 Following Lingh’s death, Karin Reid Offield stated, “Death is unexpected. Lingh, thank you for all the wonderful rides and the time spent around the world with you! Owning a horse […]

Horse Show Schedule is ready! Summer 2020!

Check out the schedule and show with us!


  Covid- Careful!  We are resting the home between guests with your comfort in mind. Questions? Call us at 231-242-0012. Thanks !  Testimonials available on the BreknRidge Farm website.  Here’s the LINK to the Potato House – Dream Vacation June is almost finished and summer is here in Northern MIchigan. Announcing the reopening […]

Horse Boarding Experiences at Brek-n-Ridge Farm

  December 2018 Dear Karin, Thank you so much for an amazing summer!  You have helped Sunset and I so much and I cannot thank you enough. You have cared so much about us and our horses and have been patient with me and also Sunset with his self./ I can’t wait until next summer […]

Merry Christmas

Dear Friends and lovers of Dressage, I can’t be there to wish you all well, or to watch each of you climb the Dressage ladders higher and higher, I can’t be there to hear those incredible scores – 80% and even higher, I can’t be there to travel with you all to exotic locations in […]

Lingh has been tested!

His results are N/N. For more information contact Karin Reid Offield

HAPPY EASTER to all our friends! We are grateful!


Harbor Spring’s Brek-n-Ridge Farm’s Historic Potato House now ready for rentals!

                                    AN INVITATION TO COME RIDE WITH US AND STAY ON THE FARM!   HISTORIC POTATO HOUSE 4 Bedroom | Vacation | 8 Guests | 4 Bedrooms| 2 Baths Check availability for training and lessons. 231-242-0012 Please leave […]

Happy Valentines from Karin and Lingh!

Breedings to Lingh, Louisville and Tiamo

Dear Friends, I have been so busy lately that I am neglecting my beautiful stallions and their offspring. My apologies and regrets. I have a considerable amount of frozen semen located in differents areas of the world. I would like it to be used, relocated to a place where the lineage bloodstock can be useful, […]

Merry Christmas from Karin, Lingh and Harry & Snowman


RIP Hexagon’s Louisville – Big Heart – Great Horse

Part One : To be continued with more photos…. By Karin Reid Offield  If someone were to ask me who my favorite horse to ride was the answer after Lingh, of course, was Hexagon’s Louisville. He was my champion because I purchased him on the way up that incredibly steep ladder of dressage. During my […]

The Best Horse Farms for sale in Harbor Springs, Michigan start here…..

The sales tour begins at Brek-n-Ridge Farm, located just outside of Harbor Springs at the Entrance to the Tunnel of Trees and home to the old Potato House, once a barn in it’s hay day.

Lingh frozen semen available in Holland at DE IJZEREN MAN

  Lingh: dressuurhengst van internationale allure. Lingh is een uiterst elegante zoon van de preferente KWPN-hengst Flemmingh, die vooral opvalt door zijn uiterst mooie en atletische exterieur. In 2005 ontving deze uitzonderingshengst zijn KWPN-dekbrevet op basis van zijn geweldige sportcarrière onder Edward Gal. Met vele overwinningen in de internationale Grand Prix, de zilveren medaille tijdens […]

Lingh Offspring – Vimeo 49 Videos -Raising Lingh Foals in Holland

Lingh Offspring Videos 2006-2016   CLICK on this link….49 videos In order to celebrate our horses and our sport, you only have to attend the KWPN show just finishing today in Holland. It is there where the breeders, riders, owners and new buyers meet and produce! It is the place, for me, where the best Lingh […]

Dear Tiamo Trocadero! Memories for his book needed…..Frozen semen available

Karin Reid Offield Brek-n-Ridge Farm and Offield Farms 7359 S. Lake Shore Drive  Harbor Springs, MI 49740 Dear Tiamo Trocadero Breeder, Hello, it’s Karin Offield here.  I was the owner of Tiamo Trocadero RIP. I am putting together a book of his offspring, his legacy and need your help.  I am looking for as much detail that […]

Dressage Training in the Winter with Karin Reid Offield in Michigan


HARRY&SNOWMAN UPDATE – Traveling with Karin to the Festivals

Click here for the whole story and photo gallery!  Please enjoy!

For all our Lingh fans at the Las Vegas World Cup 2015

We can’t be in Las Vegas to wish everyone good luck , but we hope that this video will bring back many wonderful memories…. what a wonderful animal he is. What a fantastic sport!