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Lingh Passed Away

Here is a short piece from Euro Dressage and Astrid’s kind story

Owning a World Famous Horse
Karin with Lingh at Gestut Birkhof in 2015

Following Lingh’s death, Karin Reid Offield stated, “Death is unexpected. Lingh, thank you for all the wonderful rides and the time spent around the world with you! Owning a horse that is on the world’s stage is wonderful. Their lives become yours and all the friends that love Lingh become your friends – so to all that knew Lingh over the years as an iconic competition horse with Edward Gal, with me in the USA and in Europe and as a breeding stallion across the world.”

Edward Gal also released a short statement on the demise of his first Dutch team Championship horse.  “Lingh was a very special horse,” said Gal. “I owe him so much! So many great memories I have of him. Thankful he came into my live! Thankful that Karin Reid Offield gave him a wonderful home.”

A most famous video of Lingh and Bo Jena in Stockholm, Sweden