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Lingh Offspring – Vimeo 49 Videos -Raising Lingh Foals in Holland

Lingh Offspring Videos 2006-2016   CLICK on this link….49 videos

In order to celebrate our horses and our sport, you only have to attend the KWPN show just finishing today in Holland. It is there where the breeders, riders, owners and new buyers meet and produce! It is the place, for me, where the best Lingh Offspring was 2nd that year and was sold to a buyer for over 100,000 euro’s! It was an experience I will never forget. So my heart is still in Holland, and with Lingh now retired in Germany we thought it was time to promote Lingh in Holland once again, and raise some more babies. More on that story soon!
With my friend Theo van Bruggan RIP, we put together a VIMEO channel called LinghOffspring 2006-2013. You will find 49 videos of different Lingh’s, at different stages of their still young careers. Without Theo, the VIMEO channel will be static for a while, but available for you to look at Lingh’s Offspring.
Lingh Offspring 2006-2016

I found a statement by Theo the other day….he said to me

I think we are entering a new era now which must do you proud.
“A nice bunch of dressage people sitting around the open fireplace and talking about dressage” 12/2011

and here we are still talking! Thank you Theo van Bruggen