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Info Compliments of ! Lingh Offspring compete !

Young Lingh colts, fillies and geldings are now competing in

Dressage competitions around the world !

Clint and Leonie Bos

Clint 07 by Warola / Rousseau Bred by A. Goor in Herpen * Clint took place in the stallion show in 2009.
Ridden at Berkel-Enschot2 by Leonie Bos and Photographed by Dorli Welp
2007 KWPN 07.06754 Barona-stam, merrielijn 13, fokfamilie 64
Info compliments of
Large photos to follow!
Susanne Hassler writes….

“I  am thrilled to see the Lingh-Rousseau cross work!! I’ve recommended it dozens of times already to our clients!!! It’s a true niche breeding, I believe! 🙂 SO exciting! Congratulations to the breeder ! EXCELLENT”

Cliff and Inge Coenen

Cliff 07 by Ulivi  /  Olivi Bred by G.J.W. Verdelien in Horst
Ridden at Berkel-Enschot2 by Inge Coenen and Photographed by Dorli Welp
2007 KWPN fokfamilie 1820

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