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In Scotland…the Horse and Hound Results ! Lingh filly wins…

with a 71.57 in the Novice Freestyle to Music and a second scoring a 69.39 in the Prelim 19

Dear Sam, I am so pleased to hear how your Busilus is progressing. When ever these horses come to us with issues and challenges, it is up to us – our patience and our resolve to teach the horses not to be afraid.  It sounds like you are making steady progress. Congratulations on being mentioned AGAIN in the Horse and Hound… suits you !!   All the best, Karin

Dear Karin “Busilus has qualified for the BD Winter Championships by coming 2nd in the Preliminary class and winning the Novice Freestyle to Music at the Winter Regionals.  Very excited.  She is coming along really nicely and I am aiming her at Young Horse Classes this year! ” Sam

BACK STORY.…I believe the Dam to be a KWPN mare called u-to-s who was by Sandro Hit.  The mare I bought is called Busilus.  She was bred in Scotland by Sue Gale of Tullynessle Stud,  although the embryo transfer was done by the Animal Embryo Centre in Holland in late May 2005.“We purchased Busilus as a timid and quiet character back in October 2009 as a three year old, she was unbroken and unhandled and seemed very sharp indeed.  Due to the very hard winter in Scotland we were unable to start her training until the end of February but my what a fantastic horse she is turning into.  She very quickly turned into a quiet, trusting and very affectionate horse.  Within 2 days of handling she was catching and tieing up, having her feet picked up.  Right away we knew that she was going to be extremely intelligent.  Within a couple days of the long reins being introduced she was being long reined around the roads and tracks of the estate where we live, totally unphased by anything.  I have produced quite a few horses now and have never had one with such intelligence that is so keen to learn and please.  She really seems to love her work and when the time came to back her she was so quiet… a far cry from the filly we first saw back in October.  She is so trusting too and what a cheeky wee character she now has.  She just seems to love her work and has a great attitude, I think she will be a fantastic dressage prospect with the brain she has.  She gets alot of love and affection and I know that she too loves us and enjoys her new home and life… as soon as we go outside she comes over to the yard to see what we are doing…. so inquisitive.  I cannot wait to start riding her properly, she is the most exciting prospect I have ever had !” Sam