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Come Join Us For this Event !

Summer 2011 Karin Offield and Horses

I have been busy at the stable and away from my computer for almost a month or two now…..and I have missed being in touch with my friends and Lingh fans !  My competition horse Good Heart has been injured so we are concentrating on teaching the children to ride this summer. I bet 200 […]


Training with Karin Reid-Offield After meeting Karin Offield at ‘Dressage by the Bay’ in Traverse City, I knew that she was the trainer for me. Her keen eye helped me evaluate my position and make the necessary corrections for a more effective seat. Her training concepts were very logical and in line with how I […]

INTRODUCING “Lieblingh VDH.” by Lingh

Details and Information to follow… !

Andrew Figures – Winner of Radio’s ‘Horses in the Morning’ – 2010’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Nominated by: Cheryl Figures:  Looks like it’s time to do some PR for my candidate, Andrew Figures. Andrew has been training and competing in Dressage since he was 6. He had to earn his lessons either by getting good grades or doing chores, nothing could make Andrew knuckle down like dangling a riding lesson. Now […]

Bliss Polo Schedule this summer !

FROM THE HORSES MOUTH….The Fields are reported to be in top shape. They have been fertilized and mown. All they need now is hoof prints of playing ponies. “We plan on a game the 1st of July, Friday, and the 3rd of July Sunday at 2 PM. If that is convenient with the Knapps who have […]

Buying a horse, a thank you letter from a client!

Dear Karin, I hope this letter helps you in your journey as a Dressage instructor and horsewoman. Recently, my husband gave the green light for me to buy a dressage schoolmaster.  I was thrilled beyond belief.  How many women could be that fortunate?  My trainer, Karin Reid Offield, was very happy for me.  The difference between […]

Introducing Good Hart

New horses are always exciting. This son of Patrick, a stallion from Michigan arrived at BreknRidge Farm and is being trained by Karin Offield.  More details to follow !

Buying a beginner Dressage horse for a Client

In early February, I had the pleasure to meet my client in Wellington to buy a horse for her. We had a successful trip and the new mare will be arriving soon at BreknRidge Farm.  I want to thank Nancy Anderson and seller Nancy Hutson for their attention to detail and good old common sense […]