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Buying a beginner Dressage horse for a Client

The winner...Rising Sun

In early February, I had the pleasure to meet my client in Wellington to buy a horse for her. We had a successful trip and the new mare will be arriving soon at BreknRidge Farm.  I want to thank Nancy Anderson and seller Nancy Hutson for their attention to detail and good old common sense during the purchase. You both made my job as the agent easy and fun.  I hope that this new partnership of Nancy’s with Rising Sun brings you great education, fun and progress. Horse deals are put together by professionals.  It is our job to seek out people you can trust because of long term friendships and for new acquaintances we always remember that word of mouth from one “dealer” to another will make or break our career.  While in Florida, I had the pleasure of working with Carol Grant, Marcel van der Berg, Sue Roberto, , Ruth Ann Poulson, Heidi Degeli and Betsey Steiner.

They each brought me suitable candidates to consider and try out and I would be able to recommend most of the horses we tried !   Which horse was my favorite ?  The one that Nancy bought of course, after that was a paint horse that I loved riding….and then my second favorite for Nancy was amazing….he could compete in the Pan Am’s and a pillow to ride….

A great ride but too young for us

The Pillow !

So the journey of finding the right horse does not always have a happy ending. Sometimes the one a rider falls in love with just is not the horse for the job.  When that occurs you suck it up and go and find another, hopefully a better horse.  I have purchased and sold hundreds of horses and I think that the excitement of the deal, of the right time right place never fades, because when miracles happen, whether it is buying a stallion like Tiamo or Lingh or a gentle mare with a goodness that is so apparent like Rising Sun the pleasure it gives all the professionals and the buyers and sellers involved is worth the journey. We had a very lucky day.  Thank you everyone. KO