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a Journey to France ? Meet these important Dressage experts !

Sunday in Germany was quite a day.  The winter weather cleared and the skies were blue and the air crisp with the idea of spring…but that was it.  It was icy and the roads were difficult to negotiate!  At Gestut Birkhof we had a tour and then a wonderful brunch with new acquaintances that I hope to get to know better as the years go on. Next summer we discussed and would like to organize a trip to the great Dressage Show in Lyon in the south of France , if I can find a travel agent interested in the adventure!  It was a dream of mine to become acquainted with the horsemen and women in France as I have admiration for their world.

Welcome to Germany

*Sabine Mottet is the contact in France for the Southern German Breeding Associations in France and also the contact in France for the Gestüt Birkhof. She was also elected in the same time as Caroline Rioche as a member of the conseil d’administration of France Dressage.
*Thomas Casper – Gestut Birkhof
* Madame Laure de Saint Priest is the présidente de France Dressage, the association which develops the breeding of dressage horses in France.
* Madame Caroline Rioche is a member of the conseil of France Dressage and  breeding dressage horses.
* Dr. Patrick Collard is the président de la commission technique de France Dressage, he decides about the list of the stallions to submit to the commission of the stud-book of the ANSF and he is a veterinary doctor specialized in d’administration insemination of mares.
* Karin Reid Offield – owner of Lingh