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Training with Karin Reid-Offield

After meeting Karin Offield at ‘Dressage by the Bay’ in Traverse City, I knew that she was the trainer for me. Her keen eye helped me evaluate my position and make the necessary corrections for a more effective seat. Her training concepts were very logical and in line with how I believe a horse should be trained.

A few weeks later, I decided to do a 4 day clinic with Karin and we did 5 private lessons.  These lessons varied in length, intensity and instruction according to what she felt my horse and I needed.  I was very impressed with the one-on-one instruction I received and Karin helped me develop a system that would work for both my horse and me, once we returned home.

I really appreciated her thoroughness and consistency in training.  Her instruction was clear and uplifting and when I struggled to fully understand something, she had all the patience in the world.

I am happy to report that the system Karin helped me develop has worked!  My horse is the same at home as he was at her facility, Brek-n-Ridge Farm, and although I know we will still have bumps in the road, I am much more confident knowing that we are on the right track!

A concept that was ingrained in me throughout my training with Karin, is the fact that I am the only consistent factor in my relationship with my horse.  This pertained to my position, my attitude, the application of my aids and even regarding the care of my horse.  Horses are attracted to leadership and blossom under consistently productive handling.

I look forward to many years of training and clinics with Karin Offield here in Michigan at her barn, Brek-n-Ridge Farm in Harbor Springs, Michigan and at my own Serenity Farm in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

For more information on clinics and lessons with Karin: contact her at or
Sincerely, Janine Holmes
Owner of Serenity Farm in Grand Rapids Michigan