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Why Show Your Horse…


Our colleague and writer of the great story ‘Atticus’ Nancy Parshall ( that I will share with you on the Lingh Story Page this weekend ) kindly offered up her “take” on the reasons why it is important to compete your horses. At these small schooling shows its critical to the management that riders show up. My schooling show at BreknRidge Farm in Harbor Springs, Michigan was lightly attended, but the facts remain that the show began at 9am and went til 2:30 in the afternoon. One arena. Perfect day. I had banners, judges umbrella’s, an amazing vendor selling fine goods, our local grocery owners helped us with hamburgers and hotdogs and asked for donations, wonderful spectators and we had the most amazing Charity Partner – The Second Chance Ranch and Rescue, Inc. Look them up on-line!!

I challenge our other small Northern Michigan shows to match our fundraising efforts by dedicating $100.00 for this great cause.  If we raised $100.00, lets do more so I also challenge our readers to contact the organization and help them financially.  Every dollar helps.

So, in hopes that we can encourage you, our readers, to participate in local events, because ……….


  • 1. Because it’s cheap – low entry fees, no drug test fee, no grounds fee, no GAIG qualifying fee.  If it turns out to be a disaster for you, at least it won’t be an expensive disaster
  • 2. Because it’s good to get feedback from someone new.  Plus you can (often) get verbal feedback immediately after your test  (ask for it!).
  • 3. Because it’s an opportunity to meet other equestrians in your area.
  • 4. Because you can practice learning tests – or simply figure out where those darn letters are
  • 5. Because if you don’t support your local club now, it might not be there when you’re ready
  • 6. Because it’s a chance to check your nerves  – Do you really need Valium for this?
  • 7. Because it’s fun!
  • 8. Because it will give you an opportunity to talk about your horse, and you know how you love to do that!
  • 9. Because you’ll never be ready if you keep saying “I’m not ready”
  • 10. Because it’s an opportunity to achieve little goals before big goals
  • 11. Because you can try to best yourself.
  • 12. Because we all need to practice living in the present, not the future or the past
  • 13. Because you can tell your non-horsey friends you competed in a “horse show”
  • 14. Because there is a level for you, for everybody
  • 15. Because the shows are usually only one day.  You can show and still see a movie at night.
  • 16. Because you don’t have to braid.  You don’t have to wear a jacket.  You are accepted.
  • 17. Because if the prophecies of 2012 are correct, you’re running out of time.
  • 18. Because we usually regret the things we don’t do rather than the things we do.
  • 19. Because …  What else would you be doing on a Saturday morning?  Really.
  • 20. Because you weren’t planning on qualifying for the WEG anyway.   Uhm.  Were you?


    Disclaimer:  This list was compiled by a fellow schooler, not the organizers, employees, relatives, neighbors, fans, or church-friends of your local series’ coordinators.