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Western Dressage Training at Brek-n-Ridge Farm

Trailer in, or use one of our schoolmasters for lessons…….safe reliable horses and safe reliable instruction.

Zorro - loves to teach

Press Release:  September 2014– Expand Your Knowledge about Dressage and Increase your Performance Scores. Become comfortable in the saddle.


Clinic at Brek-n-Ridge Farm in Harbor Springs, Michigan – even if you do not plan to compete!

“The winning difference between first, second and third place in dressage is in the small details,” Offield says, “and those details come from years of experience teaching, training and riding.I have a strong background in the world of western riding and we love to teach. I welcome students, their trainers and eyes on the ground to visit us in Harbor Springs this Fall, Winter and Spring to learn about Dressage. Western Dressage rocks ! We are located approximately 20 minutes from the Mackinaw Bridge, 2 hours from Traverse City,  less than 4 hours from Grand Rapids and about 15 minutes from Petoskey. We have extra day corrals and a small barn nearby for extended visits in larger groups. Call The Birchwood Inn for hotel accommodations.

Contact information: Manager and Instructor: Kate Etherly 231-242-0012

About Karin Reid Offield Clinic’s in Grand Rapid’s in 2012:

On January 20 and 21, 2012 Serenity Farm proudly hosted Karin Reid-Offield as the clinician for the first clinic in the Grand Rapids area’s ADA Winter Clinic Series. “Karin is a clinician at Serenity Farm and so the line-up of riders consisted of some familiar faces as well as some new ones. It was fun to see the great improvement in the horses. I truly wish I had taken video to compare the first and last five minutes of each ride. One would have thought there were months of training between the two performances. Once again, this proves how important it is for us to have a ground person with has a keen eye for what the judges are looking for. Without that, bad habits can form since things go unnoticed and uncorrected,” noted Serenity Farm’s owner Janine Holmes.

Participant Kim Nobel, an accomplished and longtime western rider: “Karin put us right at ease. The focus of our lesson was to do a dance, not just the geometrical movements. We’ve thrown away the spurs and are learning to communicate subtly. It’s all about making the dance beautiful!

While enjoying‘ summer time grilled burgers’ for lunch, Karin engaged in numerous discussions with riders and auditors. Questions were asked and answers given, stories were told and experiences shared. Everyone benefitted from Karin’s background and training with Olympians Robert Dover and her overseas experience and the wisdom she gained while living with multiple Gold Medal winner Anky van Grunsven. All agreed that Karin was easy to understand, that what she taught made perfect sense.

For more information about Brek-n-Ridge Farm visit For more information go to to read about the stable, email us at, visit the Harbor Springs area to visit the farm at 7359 South Lake Shore Drive and learn more about the world famous dressage stallion LINGH owned by Karin and now standing at stud in Germany. Check out his website at