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Update on Hexagon’s Louisville’s foal – Gryanika in the USA !

The following correspondence reveals the care and consideration that Hassler Dressage proudly offers their breeders!

“Hello Barbara, Congratulations! I’m so glad you were successful in winning the bid for Louisville’s services!

In review of the new mare’s pedigree, she certainly bears excellent bloodlines, proven in their value to produce outstanding qualities for dressage. The Danish mare on paper appears to be a good choice, but I would like to see photos of her. My recommendation will also depend upon her type as Louisville is a very big stallion, best suited to a lighter framed mare. I believe he will have excellent influence with Thoroughbred mares in general. The German Oldenburg Verband will readily accept your Danish mare…like the TB mare, she will simply need to be presented to an inspection committee.

Please forward any photos you may have and know that we are eager to work with you!

Kind regards,

Susanne Hassler

PS. I’d be happy to offer a discount on a second booking to Louisville, if you would consider breeding both mares!

NOTE FROM KARIN….The breeders of their Danish mare Vitalba want it all. They desire to attend the keurings, show the foals and compete to produce sport horses that they will be proud of.  It’s the breeders dream.  My loved Louisville was chosen as the stallion for this challenge and their chestnut colt, GRYANIKA was born this May 2011.  Susanne Hassler – Louisville’s  (Labo ) and Lingh’s agent here in the United States received this letter from the breeder.

” As we are new to the warmblood industry, we desire to partner with those who can help us acheive a higher level of performance horse.  Our goal is to only produce quality that is going to be desired both in the U.S. and international. No matter which mare we use, we already have a plan for keuring, and a campaign for showing.  We just don’t know how to approach the options at this point and desire some direction.”  Congratulations Barbara and Equisport Farm on your colt.  Please send photos when you can !!

KWPN-NA Keuring September 18, 2011 at Wild Turkey Farm, hosted by Sonnenburg Farm.

333 GRYANIKA 840025 201100209 3RD PLACE 1ST PREMIUM

Birth Date: 05/14/2011 Book: REG A Type: DP Sex: M Color: CHESTNUT Birth Place: OREGON






“We attended the Dutch Keuring today, September 18, 2011 at Wild Turkey Farm, hosted by Sonnenburg Farm. Gryanika placed third (out of 10 or 11 foals I think) receiving a First Premium.    They commented on her uphill movement, her eye, nice neck, they faulted her for striding short, needing more foreward movement, HOWEVER, and a big however, she kept running into the back of her dam during the trot so she remained collected and would not move around her.  Her elasticity was well commented on, and to spectators her hock action was commented as “dynamic”, some of the best action there.  Her dam has a huge stride and Yanko, the handler, was being pulled around the ring by her – he could not keep up! So when he would slow her Dam down, Anika would run in to her back legs.  As this was my first keuring, I am quite pleased and will know better how to prepare another foal to move in front of the dam instead of behind her.”

Gryanika is wonderful – thank you!

Dr. Barbara Kahl, Equisport Farm