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The 2013 Spring Birkhof Stallion Show….

2013_KatalogWhen you go to the Birkhof website, it is there you can see the show in it’s entirety. The shows were wonderful this year, the catalogue of stallions at Birkhof include Acordelli, Ciacomo, Con Spirito, Contano, Denario, Fred Astaire, Don Diamond, Genesis, Hot Spirit, Lingh, Lord Leopold, Quinto´s Chamb, Romanoff xx, Sirtaki, and Zalando.

For me, as the American watching the offspring of these interesting stallions grow up, I can honestly say


INFO ABOUT DON DIAMOND – All-around Champion and Their Master Stallion !

With 153 index points, Don Diamond counts among the Top One Percent of dressage stallions, which confirms his high ranking debut into the German breed value estimation last year.
The basis of this amazing result is his exceptional career as competition horse and sire. The stallion career of Don Diamond started with a bang. He became the celebrated Champion of the Southern German Stallion Days in January 2007.

Another highlight followed in November 2007: Don Diamond won his 30-day performance test in Neustadt/Dosse with sensational marks: overall score 8.92 / partial dressage score 9.36.

Don Diamond was the convincing Baden-Württemberg Champion in 2008 (9.63), Southern German Champion in 2008 and 2009 and – as another highlight – Vice Federal Champion in 2008. He competed one more time in the Final of the 2010 Federal Championships, and in 2011, at the age of seven, he won a qualifier for the Nuremberg Cup, finishing on an excellent 9th place in the Final.

But Don Diamond did not only shine as competition horse. He produced a number of extraordinary foal crops with many foals being honoured with the gold medal and many of them winning championships.

He presented winning mares, state premium mares, champion mares at mare performance tests, national and vice national champions and eight licensed sons from his first crop of foals on the ground.

Don Diamond descends from Grand Prix-stallion Diamond Hit who counts among the top-class stallions in Germany. His dam carries best Holstein and Hanoverian bloodlines. Various successful advanced level dressage horses descend from the foundation stock of his granddam. With Ramino and Roman, two representatives of the important Ramzes AA-bloodline are represented further down in his pedigree.

Because of these extraordinary hereditary qualities, Don Diamond was nominated 2012   Southern German Master Stallion.

Approved for Hanover, Oldenburg, Westphalia, France, Italy and all Southern German breed societies.

SO, IN THE BIRKHOF STABLE, LINGH HAS GREAT competition for the breeding mares. For the show we chose the rider as 14 year old Ina Casper. A cousin to Pia, Lisa and Anna. I asked Ina to tell me a little about herself….this is what she wrote!

“My name is Ina -marie Casper, I´m 14 years old . My birthday is on 16. of november 1998. I live in Germany at the Gestüt Birkhof with my family.I have little brother his name is Tim and I have 3 cousins Anna, LIsa and Pia.I go on a high school in Donzdorf. My favourite color is red ,my hobbies are riding,riding and riding. I love it when I can go outside and ride my horses specially Lingh  . I hope its enough about me …when you need more please write me that …. Greeting Ina”

Introducing beautiful Ina Casper!

Introducing beautiful photographic Ina Casper!


Nice seat, nice hands - Ina and Lingh - they are happy!

Nice seat, nice hands – Ina and Lingh – they are happy!

Hanging around - just being girls!

Hanging around – just being girls!


The Youngest Girls!

The Youngest Girls! Having fun!

and we can sing a song !

and we can sing a song !


Getting ready for the Stallion Show

Getting ready for the Stallion Show


IMG_0546IMG_7290 IMG_0495 IMG_0486

Getting Lingh ready for the big night!

Getting Lingh ready for the big night!







Guess who ?






In the stable there is great excitement !

The most colorful of family - Thank you to the Caspers, love, Karin and Lingh

The most colorful of family – Thank you to the Casper Family

I want to thank all the Breeders of Lingh for believing in him, his Dutch heritage, competitive spirit and his amazing mental agility. He is passing along these traits to his offspring – I see this everyday in the cards, letters and the stories that I hear. This winter I had the pleasure of riding a Lingh offspring and every day was wonderful. Thanks Lingh, and Happy Birthday !

Love, Karin