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Sweden and Lingh Foals – Libaldi TreH e. Lingh u. Uvesta ue. Gribaldi född 9 maj 2011

Update on Libaldi TreH e.

Lingh u. Uvesta ue. Gribaldi born 9th May 2011

“Here comes some more news from one of Lingh foals in Sweden. Earlier I sent you a videoclip when he was 5 days.  (SEE FACEBOOK AND NEW NEWS ENTRY) Now he is nearly 4 months and a lovely foal.

One week ago we presented him at a foal show (ASVH) and he received 46 points.

8 for type; “well developed, correct in height-lenght”
7 for head, neck and body; “expressive head, well formed neck,  today he is higher over croup
8 for legs; “correct”
8 for walk; “ground covering, and energetic”
8 for trot; “ground covering, elastic”
7 for canter; “energetic but could use the back better (I think his canter is his best gait but he didn’t show them his best  day)”

He is easy to handle and fearless. He is a brave foal with a lot of energy. He walks into the transport by himself ! Easy in the stable – and easy to groom. ”  Congratulations !!!!  Best Regards, Karin

Sweden’s Libaldi TreH by Lingh – 4 months. In the fields and at the show!