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Sometimes a testimonial rocks your boat…thanks Jeff !!




My kids learned from you. And I must confess…I learned from you. You are a true professional but more than that, you care so deeply about what you do that it comes through in every aspect of the experience that me, our pony “Ice Man”, and my kids had at Brek-N-Ridge Farm.

And when I say that I learned from you…I don’t just mean that I learned some things about how to care for horses or how to ride a horse but something more high level and global – that is – how to be a true professional; how to provide extreme customer service; and how to deliver value to your customers that goes way beyond just getting “over the bar”.

I’m so impressed Karin. I’m so thrilled with our experience.

Thank you. Thank you for everything Karin….

And you can be sure we will follow your prescribed course of action for how we care for “Ice Man” going forward….

Warmest regards,


Jeffrey M. Sloan

Founder, Managing Partner