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Selling Lingh foals….what a beauty – Blingh, Blingh – For Sale

Bling Bling - For sale in Sweden, one of my favorites ! Lingh and Briar....

Dear Karin, here is a story about Blingh, Blingh in Sweden….

I will do my best, my english is not so good!!  Yes, I did take her to a foal competition. She did really well.  She got the points 9 9 6 6 8 7, ( you need to know what the Swedish points stand for! )

She was in a growth period then, that’s why she got the two 6. That day she was upright in her vertebrae (don’t know if this is the right word), she was also a little swollen in her knees.  The judges liked her a lot, they thought she was the most beautiful of all foals.

Blingh Blingh is a wonderful foal, she is smart and so easy to handle. She loves people, she is curious and is very sociable, I just love her.

The mother of Blingh Blingh is called Brindisi. The father is Briar and then comes Jaguar – Pompe. Brindisi is a pretty big mare about 174 cm. I have therefore in my choice of stallions for her looking for a stallion that is not so tall and with a lot of thoroughbred element. My choice was Lingh. !

I bought Brindsi when she was three years. She is a mare with a very good trot, canter and has great rideability.!

Congratulations to Breeder and Owner Ana Johansson ! We hope that your experience with Blingh Blingh is awesome !!!

Mother, Brindisi in Action


Younger and very proud
Color for Lingh !
Blingh Blingh in action !