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Mare by Lingh – Busilus, now 7 years old – wins in Scotland, UK

Busilus, by Lingh won the elementary level class at the Scottish regionals which means we have qualified for the British Dressage National Championships next month. Very very excited!!

more news and photos to follow!

2012  A letter from Sam about her mare Busilus – 6 years old

Dear Karin,

I felt that it was about time I sent you a progress update and some new photos of Busi.
I think its almost 2 years since I’ve been in touch, Busi is 6 now and alot has happened in the last year or so.
At the start of 2011 she qualified for the British dressage winter championships at Prelim and Novice Freestyle levels.  We were 9th in the Freestyle class and the experience was fantastic.  Later that year she qualified for the Potential International Dressage Horse 5 year old class and got to go down the British Dressage Nationals, wow what an eye opener, we were in the same class as Farouche (not sure whether you have heard of Farouche but VERY famous 6 year old horse here in the UK).
We have just recently moved up to Elementary level and she has gained enough points over the last year or so to be out of Novice now.  We just started playing with flying changes at the start of this year which she finds so easy.  This summer I have qualified for the Shearwater Young Dressage Horse (6YO) championships although unfortunately I wont make the championships as we are away that weekend and its a 1000 mile round trip for us to get there.  We then qualified for the British Young Horse (6YO) and the Sheerwater Potential international dressage horse (6YO) class with the finals for that being held at Hickstead.  Again, its probably about 1300 mile round trip for those championships and also our Regional Championship in Scotland the day after so I have decided not to go.  Was great fun doing the qualifiers though.  For the International qualifier we had to get a flying change each way which was great fun 🙂  She has qualified for the Regionals at novice and Elementary level so I am hoping for some success as would really love to get to the Nationals again, its a long way from us in Scotland but very worthwhile trip.  

As a 6 year old I see a huge difference in her, stronger this year and so much more cadence, really starting to look and feel very special.  I get some help from dutch trainer Albert van Schie who thinks she is great and has ridden her too and thinks she is very trainable.  She really is awesome! 

I have done quite a bit more jumping with her this year too and she loves to jump.  I have been told that she would be a very talented jumper too but its not really my main thing now, good to do for a change of scene though.  We even took her cross country schooling and she was very good, she is just great at whatever you ask her to do.

She is just getting better and better and I am very excited about the future, she is just fabulous 🙂

Hope you are well.
Best Regards
Sam Turpitt
Scotland UK