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Lingh’s Older Offspring – 4 through 8 year olds being collected in a Video Library

See the LINK to Lingh’s Older Offspring Below

LinghOLDERoffspring  Library Link:

Introducing Be Blingh

“In the beginning, Blingh was very easy to handle and ride.  Now there is no harm in her, she is so sweet, willing to do anything and not easily scared. There was one time I could not ride her for almost 4 months and when I began to ride her again I just stepped up and rode away,  like it was yesterday’ s ride!

What is so special about her is that she so steady –  you can really trust her, no harm, beautiful eyes, easy to ride and she learns quickly. She has a pretty head with beautiful eyes.  She is a very compact horse, with everything in the right proportion.”

Bibi Cornelison's Be Blingh 2006 by Lingh x Laronada

Bibi Cornelison’s
Be Blingh 2006 by Lingh x Laronada            beautiful photo by

LinghOLDERoffspring  Library Link:

When you arrive at the Lingh Offspring Vimeo Library, you will first see a video of Bayou, please scroll below that video and you will find the navigation arrows that will direct you to more than 30 videos, all in alphabetical order…I left 1-2 foals in the Library at the end. You will see where I have some questions of identification, but all these young horses are older Lingh’s between 4 years old and 8 years old this spring. Thanks to every one that contributed their videos….We look forward to receiving more videos. If there are any corrections to be made, no problem!         SHARE YOUR LINGH’S WITH US!!