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Lingh Retires from Active Breeding – Frozen Semen Available

Lingh Retirement 

February 10, 2015 


Dear Friends,

Gestut Birkhof, Thomas Casper and Karin Reid Offield are pleased to announce that the beloved and celebrated stallion Lingh will now enjoy a well deserved retirement in 2015! With his active breeding career now over, we look forward to celebrating Lingh’s 22nd birthday this spring.  Lingh’s offspring continue to shine as they grow up, show off and excel in training by excited and devoted owners. Lingh’s offspring generate fans the world over!

As we celebrate and honor Lingh’s current contribution to breeding and sport, we continue to seek to produce approved stallions by this exceptional stallion. Lingh on the dam side has also proven greatly successful. Mare owners on all continents are enthusiastic about the quality and strengths Lingh brings to a variety of damlines.

As of today, there are approximately 500 foals and offspring worldwide born of Lingh. Owners, riders and trainers find them to be genuinely kind, easy to handle horses who possess the prized highlights of Lingh, with all qualities needed to excel in top horse sport. Frozen semen from Lingh is currently available in New Zealand, Sweden, England, Holland, USA, and across Germany. The global marketing and sales of Lingh’s frozen semen in the United States will be handled by Sporthorse Legacy LLC.

Lingh’s success over the years in breeding comes from the enthusiasm of his Dutch fans and Edward Gal; the careful management and council of Susanne Hassler of Hassler Dressage in America; the thoughtful direction of former breeding manager of Sweden’s renowned Flyinge Stud, Karl Henrik-Heimdahl; the robust enthusiasm and breeding new comer Lingh’s owner Karin Reid Offield of Offield Farms and finally, his Stallion Keeper Thomas Casper and family, where Lingh currently and happily resides.

With excitement and pride, we watch Lingh’s Swedish offspring, many of whom are by the older famous Dressage mare lines with the younger offspring born in Germany. To date, Lingh has been lucky to access some of the finest jumping and dressage sport blood in Europe.  Lingh’s Dutch offspring are now approaching FEI and CDI competitive levels! The American born youngsters are beginning their competitive careers. We congratulate and encourage the Lingh offspring owners and riders to ride on to top sport!

If you would like to meet Lingh, in person, we invite you to see him at family Casper’s Gestut Birkhof, a beautiful farm just south of Stuttgart, in Southern Germany. Visitors are always welcome.  On-line Lingh and many offspring success stories can be located at , and the website of Sporthorse Legacy LLC.



In retirement Lingh will play in the fields, enjoy the sunshine by the kitchen door of Gestut Birkhof, and be ridden on the trails and arena by Ina Casper. Lucky Lingh!

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