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Lingh Offspring wins Dutch Championship Z2 (Test with Flying Changes/Half Passes)

Congratulations to Cocksdorp Texel 2006  Lingh x Farrington shown by Lotje Schoots.

Lovely to hear that a horse sired by Lingh has won the Dutch championship Z2 (test with flying changes, half passes etc),

Find it here in Dutch with a nice picture

The piece of the english translation is this ! 

March 8, 2014
The experienced Lottie Schoots appeared in the Z2 class over two tests with the best being Cocksdorp Texel (v. Lingh). The combination put in a score of 71.75 percent.  Lottie says “He might not be the best looking horse, but he has such a great character,” Lottie responds enthusiastically. “He’s only seven years, but is so relaxed and comfortable at his job. I really see a good future in him. “