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Lingh and the young girls – INTRODUCING INA CASPER – and now lets see his foals !!!

Lingh and Ina Casper COMPLIMENTS OF:  In the April issue of Reiterjournal – a magazine from the Baden-Wurttemberg region

An english translation of this story will be published soon…..

Southern German Stallion Days: A sensational performance by Lingh and Denario

The gala evening of the day the South German stallion stud Birkhof a grand entrance was the occasion of his 50th anniversary. Sensationally, the first appearances of Lingh and Denario with our “young team-maker made ​​by Casper” were. Anna Casper, the eldest daughter of Thomas, presented Double national champion Denario. From the series of changes to trot to Pirouette no problem for Anna and her gray stallion. Presented the high lessons of dressage Ina Casper, the eldest daughter of Jurgen, with the international dressage stallion Lingh. Piaffe, passage, one change … The Brown, a former top horse of double world champion Edward Gal, turned on – Ina and Lingh were the sensation of the evening!

In the April issue of Reiterjournal – a magazine from the Baden-Wurttemberg region

Birkhof Foal Championship: Closing date for entries is July 11

In the anniversary year of the stud is the traditional Birkhof Foal Championship, which is dedicated in a special chapter on Stud Chronicle. On the 5th of August Birkhof breeders and their foals will meet in Donzdorf to determine the champions. The focus is this year the first crop of foals of the international Grand Prix stallion Lingh. His owner Karin Offfield has a best foal of Lingh a special prize.

Deadline for the championship on 11 July. Entry forms can be obtained from the stud Birkhof: Phone: (+49) 07162-29886, fax: (+49) 07162-25276, E-mail: