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Libertus by Lingh – 5 Year Old Stallion Offered for Sale !

     5 year old Lingh Stallion :   Very Correct Exterior 

      Asking 55,000 Euros, can be seen in Slovakia

“…the most important thing is the genetics of horses that have been gathered from the whole world.

We guarantee the high genetic quality of our horses. Our horses are absolutely healthy and without any bad habits. They are accustomed to the total submission to humans. Our experience in international trade helps us put our horses to the client in any place in the world. “

says the proud breeder of Libertus,

son of Lingh


INFORMATION FROM THE BREEDER :  “He was born in our stables. I myself helped to give him birth from our mare. It was our second attempt to get a foal from the combination of famous lineage.

Libertus is not aggressive, rather he is communicative, compromising and an intelligent horse. His height, this summer of 2013,  is 173cm [ 17 hands tall ] without shoes.

He is a very correct horse. I can see this about him, even his hooves wear equally. It is equally easy for him to flex his spine on a spiral on the right and the left. He has healthy and strong hooves and joints. Intelligent eyes. Pure breath.

We have 1-2 times per week accomplished a gallop training in the open arena on the deep sand.He raced twice for a “Prize of 2000 Guineas” (1609 m) per session without a problem.

He has been backed and in the near future a rider will come to us and we will start working Libertus under saddle. He can be seen in Europe, photos and video below”

Thank you for your consideration!  Breeder, Anatol Janovsky


Like father like son, Libertus.

Sire Lingh was approved for the KWPN in 2005 & is described as an honest and reliable stallion that is easy to work with. The great achievements of this stallion match his absolutely stunning conformation as an athletic modern riding type.

Lingh show results that put him at the top of the WBFSH Index, ranking him the number one dressage stallion and third in the world during his competitive years. Lingh’s performance career is one of the most impressive in dressage breeding history.

Dam Santana. Her Sire- Rotspon in the 2010, Hanoverian Stallion Book is credited with 606 competition progeny, 480 dressage competitors with 27 progeny competing at S level. Rotspons FN dressage breeding index is 140 with a jumping index of 84. His Hanoverian dressage index is 135 with a jumping index of 78. Rotspon was named US Dressage Breed Show Champion by the USEquestrian”Sires of the Year”. The chef of Cavalry School in Saumur general LHotte said that blood may fill in all other horses qualities, but nothing can replace blood. Libertus has 56% of blood /OX.

Libertus and Rotspan

Libertus and Santana
video filmed summer 2013