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Brek-n-Ridge Farm – How we spent the summer! Part ONE


The 2013 Horse Show Circuit for Brek-n-Ridge Riders

Included Shows in Harbor Springs, Suttons Bay, Bay Harbor and at Blackstar Farms

Working student Rachel Hughs, last summer’s assistant for Karin, arrived back in town from lower Mi. for full time work at Brek-n-Ridge. She got down to business in May and competed Brek-n-Ridge’s ANNIE in Dressage classes at Katie Coffer’s Stepping Stones Show. ANNIE showed us what a nice flat pony she will be and settled into the show easily.

Around the Fourth of July Brek-n-Ridge welcomed third year returning student,  Mackenzie Becker and her cool horse BOOMER. BOOMER is a Morgan performance horse, well schooled in various disciplines. Mac has decided that Dressage appeals to both of them, and she faithfully took a series of weekly lesson’s with Karin. Thank you for that time and attention Mackenzie!

Boomer - Proud of himself !

Boomer – Proud of himself !

Following the busy first weeks of July, all the Brek-n-Ridge riders began to compete. Mary Otto from St. Louis leased ANNIE for the summer. Arriving in late June, Mary and ANNIE worked with Karin 5-6 days a week polishing their equitation, dressage skills and training ANNIE for the future 3 foot pony hunter classes. By the time July 20th rolled along, they were ready to compete. We traveled to the pretty Double Oak Farm in Sutton’s Bay where Mary won an important jumping class that day. In each competition she climbed up the ladder, improving her technique and then,  finally,  she  and ANNIE produced a smooth and consistent ride. She won the blue ribbon! Remember – ANNIE is considered a “green pony”. Job well done, Mary!


In August we all traveled to the Stepping Stones Show at Bay Harbor. The horses were tired  from our busy July schedules but the show gave the students an opportunity to dig deep and accept the fact that even if you think you are prepared – sometimes and often, with horses – you just are not ready to show!  An exception at this show was second year returning working student Hannah Ernst of Tapawingo Farms from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. Last Christmas, Karin helped arrange the gifting of REGGIE, an aged thoroughbred former Dressage mount,  to Tapawingo Farms.

Reggie - in July

Reggie – his arrival





Hannah was the lucky girl allowed to ride and train REGGIE under Karin’s watchful eye this summer. REGGIE was part of the Brek-n-Ridge family of horses used for lesson’s this summer and both he and Hannah worked hard and got Fit!


By the time September rolled along, both Hannah and Reggie did become fit, very healthy and successful in EVERY class they entered. Her winning ride at the Bay Harbor Show in the Training Level Test 1 ride surpassed all other riders  at the show and she took home our High Point Rider for the day. United States Dressage Federation’s Judge ColleenHaveman- Forton rewarded the pair with “obedient, fluid, balanced and straight” comments and scores ranging from 6.5 to 8.5’s. We are so proud of you Hannah !

As you can see below, Hannah and REGGIE returned to the Upper Peninsula last week in great form!

Proud to wear the brand !

Karin says..."please polish your boots next time!"

Karin says…”please polish your boots next time!”