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Barvaria Lingh Foal…named Lynox

Does my nose look like my mother's ?

Dear Karin,

Now finally I would like to you to imagine my little Lingh, who at 10:04:12
at 21:30 clock in Dinkelscherben, Bayern came into the world. My mare Goldika whom
I rode the Erolgreich (?)  to M-dressage. She had an injury, and then
I heard that Lingh comes to Germany.  There was no
question in my mind who would be the father of the foal…Lingh !!!.

In the winter the mother had kidney problems and we
feared for a few weeks the foal in her womb. But everything was ok, and together they
had a total lightweight, quick delivery and the little splendid guy was there!
He spent a lot of time trying to find the milk and the udder of mom,  she was a bit fishy!
With my help, he finally found what he sought, and from then on he was no longer
Very quickly we found a name for him and he is named Lynox! He looks
really like his father, even the star is in the same place on the
face! I also think the facial expression is the same as Lingh, which is
From the beginning he was standing on his long legs, he shows very nice moves in
the gallop. He is totally approachable and friendly! He can be touched everywhere, using the
Creating Well halter and he leads very well. Meanwhile he is playing in the paddock with
his mother and he is growing tremendously!
My family and I have taken him full into our hearts.  WE want Goldika
to meet again soon with Lingh.A second foal by Lingh!
I hope that the photo is meaningful, but I will send you in a few

Many greetings from Bavaria, thank you for your interest in the offspring of your
great stallion and see you soon,


Thank you Brigit, I love this picture and I hope that many dreams and wishes come your way…

Viva La Lynox, best wishes, Karin