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Lingh 2014

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Press Release: January 14, 2014

Frozen semen is definitely mainstream with most vets and a majority of breeders around the world in this day and age—good news not only for expanding a stallion’s market internationally but also especially for those stallions who come under heavy demand with their local markets. We have strong international interest for Lingh’s services and are delighted to be readily meeting that market.

“Lingh’s frozen semen has performed exceptionally. His overall frozen semen pregnancy rate is nearly 70%! Exciting and encouraging too for Lingh breeders is the fact that Lingh has successfully settled older mares that were never bred before due to long career in sport. It’s very nice to be able to say that Lingh made a lot of breeders very happy!” shares Karin.

Lingh is strong and healthy today, happily living out his years at Stal Birkhof in the south of Germany where he continues to service mares across Europe. Hassler Dressage continues to manage his services for the North American market and EquiBreed NZ Ltd has inventory available for the NewZeland and Australian markets.

Mare Owners, don’t miss the opportunity to access Lingh during these final years of his breeding life.  Karin shares, “Consistently in my conversations with Lingh breeders, I hear how special, easy going and nice to handle his foals are.”  The offspring have long legs; they are well balanced with good front ends and have notable elasticity and power in their movements – all qualities we want for dressage horses and sport horses.  Karl Henrik-Heimdahl, Flyinge’s former Breeding Director emphatically adds, “Lingh is suitable for most kind of mares.”

Hassler Dressage is accepting applications for mares to be considered for his remaining influence. “We continue to maintain a high standard for Lingh’s mares as such precious genetics should not be squandered! We are highly confident in Lingh’s ability to produce pregnancies and ultimately, quality foals for today’s competitive market,” shares Susanne Hassler, Director of Breeding at Hassler Dressage. “I am looking forward to seeing his legacy endure for years to come!“

Go to to find lots of pictures of his mares, foals, and their achievements as well as wonderful Lingh Video Library. for more detail on Lingh’s tremendous sport career, his heritage, and his successful offspring!   Visit for breeding services in Europe