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Words from a Lingh Breeder in America- Pictures soon !

DarLingh is great. So flawlessly correct legwise, he has an incredible head

& a long pencil neck, this HUGE wither sliding down to this phenomenol

long shoulder, definately built uphill….way uphill !!! He has a fairly short

back but with that wither, shoulder and neck there will be alot of horse

in front of you when he’ll be ridden. And the whole package ends with

a terrific hip just destined to have alot of power. The most willing

personality, he really oozes “riding horse’. If I had to find a flaw I’d have

to say his height. He’s about 15.1 or 2 right now. He will mature well over

16 hands but he’s definately “modern-type”. Although quite big in

the chest & hip with that wither and neck he becomes quite refined.

As soon as the mud is gone, the grass turns green and he sheds his

winter duds I’ll take some pic’s and do a video for your collection.

thanks, my friend Daryl, all the best with DarLingh, Karin