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Winner of the ‘Win a Ride on Lingh’ Contest formally announced !


“Hannah Allescher darf Lingh reiten Die 13-jährige Hannah Allescher ist die Glückliche, die Ende September die Reitstunde ihres Lebens auf Grand Prix-Hengst Lingh haben wird. Linghs Besitzerin, Karin Offield, erklärte: “Hannahs Video hat mir gezeigt, dass sie versteht, was Selbsthaltung bedeutet. Ich habe das gute Gefühl, dass es ein Vergnügen sein wird, mit ihr zu arbeiten.”

Dear St Georg and Jan,

” I am thrilled to agree with you that the rider I have chosen is Hannah Allescher.  In her video she showed me that she understands self carriage, she rode the counter canter well and she demonstrated the walk – so critical when looking for a rider that I would want to ride my Lingh.  Over all she gave me the confident feeling that it would be a pleasure working with her and watching a young person ride a great horse for the first time. There were 2 additional riders that are ready to ride the big horses – Helena and Christine. I wish them good luck in their careers.  I want to thank all the students that entered our contest. I hope that your careers on horseback are very successful. Watch my website : for Lingh stories and exciting New News !  ”  best regards, Karin