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Why I want Dutch Breeders to Pay Attention and Breed to Lingh

Over the last few years I have tried to work with several Dutch Breeders to select from their mare herd several of their best mares for Lingh.  Lingh has many young offspring now beginning to compete and develop in Holland.  As the owner of Lingh, I have a vested interest in everyone of these horses. I want to see them, promote them, ride them if I can – I want to be involved in their careers and that work will help me better understand Lingh’s promise as a sire of Champions. Today I can say that the foals are easy to handle, easy to ride during the early months and all of them exhibit a kind and gentle disposition.  Will they get to the highest level in sport ?  It depends on their riders and their owners.  I hope that the Dutch breeders will take my offers to breed to Lingh seriously – and breed to Lingh this season.  We want to return to Den Bosch and the stallion approvals soon….if you want to discuss Lingh and my interest in Dutch mares, write to me at  I will translate ( badly ) so don’t hesitate if your written english is not so good.  If any one reading this would be kind enough to translate this for me, I would thank you !   Take care from America, Karin