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Where has Karin been ? How is Lingh ?



Everyone says…we want news of Lingh – “Ho Ho Ho” I say, “I am at the stable riding and teaching!….but I have a plan !!  This winter I will be taking all the amazing photographs of the Lingh babies, and their stories and putting them right here on for all of you !!! “

And Lingh ? How is he ?  “Lingh is amazing. Everyday he brings joy to our lives.” It’s an amazing experience owning a horse like Lingh. I am grateful to the breeders that have entrusted their mares to Lingh – I hope that the foals bring you happiness and that you will be as proud of your Lingh colt, mare, gelding – as I am of Lingh!  Merry Christmas everyone – to all my friends around the world, I wish I could visit more often with you and enjoy each others company. Thank you to Thomas and the Casper Family at in Southern Germany where Lingh is living and standing at stud.

With love, Karin

Karin and Lingh at Devon

Karin and Lingh at Devon