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Update on Trenton, Tiamo Trocadero’s first born

Congratulations Lois, we are very pleased to hear that Trenton has a great life. The long term relationship between a girl and her young horse is always a challenge – a wonderful world of love, respect and patience. Thank you for buying him from me and giving him a great home…send pictures soon !

Hi Karin,

I am doing well. and Trenton is just fine! He has been quite the challenge. But my patience and and persistence have paid off. We are finally speaking the same language, he has softened, and we almost look like a team. We have come to a good working relationship, he and I. Quite rewarding! He spends 6 months in Wellington and 6 months at Two Trees.
I am taking very good care of him. Our bond is very strong! Hope you are doing well.
All the best
lois  june 2011