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Third Breeding to Lingh , same lineage, wanting a filly !

My most loyal breeder writes….

” Hey Karin, Despite it being 108 degrees today in the middle of the East Coast of the United States with the heat index today,  we successfully got Nathalia bred to back to Lingh for the third time !. The semen came from overseas and Dr Jiminez (Sporting Chance Farm) checked it out after the breeding & said the motility was above 50 percent and for frozen was excellent & that there were more straight swimmers than the circle ones. She’ll be bred again in the morning with the remainder of the straws. It all went very well. Hopefully I’ll get my elusive Lingh filly !!

Darlingh is great, as is Finalia!

Darlingh  { Cocktail x Faye x Blanc Rivage } still looks like Lingh where Finalia { Cocktail x Faye x Blanc Rivage  } looks more like a young Parcival. I guess he has more of the Cocktail look to him. Both have the absolute best personalities. I keep them very socialized and are turned out with my other stallion & all the geldings. They do play hard though but it’s harmless – just youngsters really enjoying themselves. I wish they would take a break from time to time because they’re always playing.

Anyway, just a touch base note filled with extreme gratitude & appreciation. Hope you are staying cool.

Cheers Daryl.

(New Photographs to follow!)