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The Pros and Cons of Las Vegas

Pro for Vegas

We do the World Cup better than anyone.

We need to grow the sport in America – actually all over the world and the FEI has designed the WC to suit us perfectly. The World Cup includes the top sport riders from all over the World, that’s what the audiences in Las Vegas expect to see when they buy a ticket to see “an equestrian entertainment event”. That’s what the World Cup delivers !

I believe it’s a mistake to give away our 2011 and 2013 slots. The Las Vegas city fathers support the events and this year we really impressed them ! Network television is a reality now in the United States thanks to the World Cup and Bob Hughs. The biggest change we need is to reorganize with the co-operation of the airlines so they work with us, and become a partner that gains global publicity as our sport grows. Right now they are a “cost” we cannot afford. This is our most important relationship that we need to cultivate. I would like to help. Many types of animals are being shipped overseas and around the world for very low costs in order for the airlines to gain public recognition. If any of your readers out there have friendships with airline owners and executives, please contact me so we can begin to work together.

For the WC, it really isn’t about the money for everyone anymore – its prestige, its sport, and it should be on the continent one year, and in America the other. To me, the hosting of a World Cup Qualifier is a very prestigious award . Until a country has been a site for a qualifier, they should not be awarded the Finals – the Finals should, in my opinion, only be held in cities where the biggest audiences, the biggest tourist attractions surround the event. I also believe the event should feature 2 World Cup sports. I believe it’s better with two sports together, and works for the events daily time schedule design and excitement.

Until an American city can prove to me that their auditoriums and audiences can draw and match what we do in Las Vegas – then it should stay in the city of lights under Shawn Davis’s and Tim Keener’s amazing production teams. Did you see that audience ? My good friend said “It must have been great, this fantastic atmosphere, this fantastic winning from Steffen Peters, this fantastic reorganization of the nearly boring year of the dressage world. I am so happy for what has happened, and I know this is only possible to make happen in the United States.”
There are no cons for us.