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Lingh’s offspring in the USA – Faline x Darwin x Ferro

Faline Lingh was born 4/4/2010. Her dam is “Wraine Dancer” (KWPN). Wraine Dancer’s sire is Darwin – he is by Roemer (pref) out of Zonnatettie (ster, prest). Wraine Dancer’s dam Kourante (keur) is by Ferro (pref) out of Warmante (keur pref prest). I believe this mare is for sale !  

I just received this from the breeder!

Dear horse family:

Had to share… you saw her baby photos… and now our Faline (Lingh x Darwin x Ferro) has grown into truly the most elegant & feminine warmblood I have ever EVER seen, anywhere!!! and wow can she move. She has me on the edge of my seat – so exciting to watch her go! :)))) Breaker Rafael Perez has taken over the ride on Faline for a few weeks, to finish starting her under saddle. (After breaking my back last year, I’m afraid to say I’ve lost my nerve for getting turned loose in the big ring on youngsters, maybe I’ll get it back but I chickened out after getting up on Faline the first few times in the round pen. She was easy and agreeable…. but I just couldn’t face the open space of the arena.) Every time I see her now with a human being (Rafael) up on her, I am just astounded that this is the same little foal that Victor & I helped birth; we each held a leg as she emerged from Willow! Just extraordinary to see her now, looking like an adult, and thinking about the passage of time and this quest that started SEVEN years ago!!! (first year no pregnancy, second year pregnant with Ellinghton who died, third year pregnant with Faline… a year later she was born. Three years later we can sit on her!!!  I just can’t get over it!! I stand in there in the middle of the arena just staring, mesmerized.  :)))) Such a thrill. (and… so much more fun just to watch at this stage. :)))))

‎”Faline’s Story” ~ Catherine finished a 3-minute film clip, from her first day on the planet to today. Such a thrill to help birth her with our own hands!  Can’t wait to finally hop up on her back in April!! :)))  See above !!

Faline's first rides - "easy"

Faline’s first rides – “easy”