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LINGH COLTS PRESENTED in Holland in December…..cross your fingers !

I just received the details of the stallions for the first inspection. Herewith the details of the Lingh stallions. Nice detail, all Lingh stallions are still owned by the breeder. So the breeders are probably really pleased with their breeding products.

C-Lingh MK
Lingh x Hamlet x Architect
breeder: M.M. Herrewijnen

Cocksdorp Texel
Lingh x Democraat x Joost
breeder: W.T. van der Linde

Lingh x Rousseau x Ubis
breeder: M. van de Goor

Lingh x Ferro x Zonneglans
breeder: VCG Horses

Lingh is a great choice when choosing a father for your future foal.

To breed a top horse is a breeder’s dream. Lingh leaves his fantastic

type and fine character to his babies. Lingh represents generations

of top performance breeding and is suitable as a stallion for most

types of mares.

Any photos or impressions of these events will be most appreciated !

Good luck everyone !