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“We are going to embark on something that I think can create a great platform for dressage in the world, in this country, in this county, and in this community. We’re going to try to put forth that effort with great enthusiasm and I believe you will see a transition here that will be vast and complete as you saw in the hunter-jumper world,” explained Bellissimo CEO of Equestrian Sport Productions (ESP) and Managing Partner of Wellington Equestrian Partners (WEP).

Six-time dressage Olympian, Robert Dover expressed his excitement for this new endeavor, “This is a dream come true for the sport of dressage. We are now standing on what I believe will be a venue that cannot only rival, but better Aachen in Germany, which is the finest show in the world. I believe that we will end up having a series that will be able to gain the finest series of shows for dressage in the world.”

“To be able to participate in and support the sport of Dressage as a founding partner during these decades is the highlight of my career. I am so proud of everyone’s effort to make this a reality.  We need everyone that loves Dressage, and loves horses to contribute what they can afford and join the journey. To ride and coach in these spectacular arenas in the middle of the action of the Winter Equestrian Festival will be the goals of young riders, amateurs, young professionals and seasoned campaigners. We will be inviting the Europeans to America, to Dressage shows we will be very proud to call our own !  I want to thank Mark Bellissimo and all his team for this contribution to American Dressage history. ” Karin Reid Offield adds.