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Hanoverian Breeding News The chestnut Hanoverian licensed stallion Tiamo Trocadero (by Trapper x Darling) has passed away at Ken Borden’s Little Bit Farm in Illinois at age 23. The impressive stallion died of natural cause as he was turned out for some exercise. Bred by Siebert Siers in Germany, Tiamp Trocadero was by Trapper out […]

Happy Valentines from Karin *** Lingh Language

I spent 30 minutes on the phone the other day attempting to write down the name and address of a colleague in Holland.  When I returned home, I went onto my computer to realize that at least 4 letters of the addresses were incorrect !  So I talked it over with Lingh, ha ha, and […]

Valentine’s wishes to Thomas Casper and his family from people around the World !

An email from Kentucky: “Just today I discovered the You Tube clip of Lingh with Bo Jena on the long rein. Wonderful…thrilling….beautiful. I was so moved by your precious stallion and his obvious good soul. No wonder you are in love. Bo Jena wasn’t too hard to watch, either. Long ago I was friends with […]

Happy Birthday to Clingh, Lingh colt born 2/11/07

Dear Dear Clingh, son of Lingh…we all wish you a very happy birthday and we want to show off your amazing America accommodations in Wellington. Your owners, Winged Foot Stable,  Family Dunagan and Family Seley – Kathleen and John will brag about your balance, form and perfect manners….”Lingh is our wunderkind! ” Enjoy your birthday […]

Sellers and Lingh Offspring Owners –

We are searching for 2006 – 2007 Lingh offspring to buy or train.  Please contact me.

We are in Southern Germany at the Suddeutsche Hengsttage !

Thank you for your fantastic welcome to Lingh tonight ! We were proud to take part in the Gala …. Love, Karin and Lingh


I was asked why I sent Lingh to Germany. Thomas Casper is reason #1, then I saw that Lingh had fans in Passau, Damme, Bochum, Dortmund, Wurselen, Berlin, Hannover, Buxtehude, Wedel, Mettmann, Franfort, Osnabruck, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Essen, Stuggart, and Munich…..and  my father always spoke of Germany and his love for their horses… So we are […]

Make Our Day !! A nice letter from a Lingh Fan ! BREEDING THREE TIMES TO LINGH ! SAME MARE.

What an opportunity !!! I’m so excited for Lingh. He definately pulled the “lucky straw” when Karin Offield bought him. As she did in one of her posts Lingh needs no introduction to the Dressage World. From his own pedigree to his own achievments he is a SUPERSTAR !! I’ve bred a lot of horses […]

Lingh to Germany

LINGH’S FUTURE In January 2011 Karin and Offield Farms announces that Lingh will be standing in Germany for the 2011 Breeding Season. ”    I am thrilled to have made this decision for Lingh.    He is turning out to be an excellent breeding stallion, producing quality foals that have the minds and character to become super […]

Where in the World is Lingh ?

GESTÜT BIRKHOF 1/11/2011 Dressurstar Lingh auf Gestüt Birkhof „Ich hatte schon immer den Wunsch einmal einen weltweit bekannten Hengst aufzustellen, mit Lingh wird der Traum wahr“, strahlt Thomas Casper wenn er an seinen Neuzugang denkt. Der unter Edward Gal international hoch erfolgreiche Grand-Prix Hengst Lingh wird eine Box im Hengststall auf dem Gestüt Birkhof in […]

Attention !! Technical comment regarding Lingh Semen….

Recently I wrote to one of the Lingh breeders, and this was her reply…. “Thank you for your interest- I had just wanted to report on how the good the semen looked! I bought it several years ago, and didn’t have a suitable mare until recently;  After thawing, my vet and I thought it looked […]

The Lingh Foal, Bubblingh, Back Story from the sister to Blue Hors Matine

The mare  was Ballaseyr Royale – Richard Davidson rode her at Athens, at the Olympics, WEG, European Champs and in the World Cup Final. She is only surviving relative to Blue Hors Matinee (they are out of the same mare). “The Lingh was the first foal – Bubblingh is now 4 years old and fabulous. […]

Holiday Greetings to my friends in Sweden : We wish you a very Merry Christmas

This photograph was taken last year…but what a year it was !   Lingh was being worked under saddle, being legged up and ridden by Swedish rider Mattias Jansson. Lingh was trail riding and galloping on the track, enjoying all the joys of being a breeding stallion still in work after his stable accident in […]

LINGH PERFORMS AT FLYINGE, Saturday and Sunday !


Bo Jenå is known for many things but many carry warm memories of his à la Celle showings with the Swedish stallion Maraton. Now we have traveled 20 years forward in time from that point and it takes more to wow a crowd. Bo Jenå stepped up to the challenge with Lingh on long rein and […]

Lingh at Stockholm….with Bo Jena – A legendary event

En legendarisk och fantastisk uppvisning för ganska länge sedan återkommer i ny skepnad. Många minns med beundran och saknad när Bo Jenå visade upp Maraton a la Celle i dåvarande Globen. Det var magiskt, spektakulärt och enormt populärt. Det var hela paketet, Maratons enorma benrörelser, den medryckande musiken och den ivrigt springande Bo Jenå. Man […]

Considering a Tool Box Symposium in your region ?

The Tool Box Introduction letter is ready to send out. In the letter you will discover the reasons why the Tool Box is a great event to schedule this year. Contact  Karin at for more information.  These two stories were published recently in America’s premier Dressage magazine. Reprinted here, compliments of Dressage Today. October […]

Holiday Riding in Michigan

Chideon – Like Lingh, a no nonsense character ! Very Happy Breeders.

Hi Karin, How great! I saw Chideon on the lingh-website! You wondered what his character  is like,..Chideon is realy easy going, he has a few things inherited from his mom, and that’s the part of no nonsense and never waste any energy on things. Like he would never jump aside from something scary. He will […]

Ready for Stockholm

Fotograf by Krister Lindh Venestad Byaväg 93 291 92 Kristianstad +46 708 16 71 55