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News For Offield Farms – photos & records FOUND


Somehow, the platform that my sits on has a back up system that support said could and would not have my files. My amazing web guy, Javier – made this miracle happen. Over 800 emails, nots hundreds more photographs were returned to my laptop yesterday!  Thank you for allowing me to continue my friendships with my breeding friends, my Lingh fans and my colleagues. To each of you that have worked with me on Offield Farms projects, I am grateful – it has been so much fun!


Dear Friends and Family, It appears that the new emails that Offield Farms have received from breeders over the last year , and the letters of the past TEN – FIFTEEN YEARS filled with photographs and videos of Lingh’s , Louisville’s, and Tiamo’s Offspring, The Next Equestrian Star, Harry & Snowman have been lost. Forever. Gone, and not retrievable. I am beyond sad, and though not liken to a house fire or a weather related occasion, this breach of data has taken my breath away. I have been skeptical of the cloud for a couple years now, but in light if this I guess I am now FLOATING ON THE CLOUD. Please write again and use the and try DROPBOX when you send photos and videos. My apologies, and please do reach out to me again. Thank you, Karin and Lingh