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Take Action for More Dressage Television Programming

May 18, 2007

Dear Friends, We have drafted this letter in hopes that you will cut and paste the letter to the following address, supplied by Bob Hughes, the show's producer.  I believe it will be helpful.  The address is


       Once you enter this web page, they will ask you some questions.  Your name, email address, zip code, they ask you what your provider/cable company is (you do not need to answer this), they ask what the network is: answer:  ANIMAL PLANET, they ask you the information needed:  answer: GENERAL QUESTION/COMMENT, they ask you what the program/show is: answer: ROLEX EQUESTRIAN WORLD CUP FINALS, they ask you when the show was last watched:  answer:  LAST WEEK, etc.  It's easy and will be effective if you take the time. The comment must be 1500 words or less.


Thank you for helping to promote the sport we all love.  The letter is below.


Sincerely, Karin Offield



Dear Animal Planet and Discovery Television,

I am writing to you to encourage ANIMAL PLANET & DISCOVERY COMMUNICATIONS to continue your coverage of equestrian sports programming and most specifically to consider increased coverage of Dressage events.  As an audience, we are eager to watch and as there is currently no regular programming you know your network would receive increased viewer-ship of equestrian events and in turn all other broadcasts.  The turnout of a 3-4 day capacity crowd at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas for all elements of the Rolex World Cup Finals was proof in point.  The Dressage events drew larger crowds than the jumping events and this is an indication of the voracity for this equestrian discipline.  We are a closely-knit community, spread across this country, yet in communication with each other and we extend our interest from local to international competition.  In Europe, Dressage coverage has a home.  We hope you can find time in your schedule and budget to make ANIMAL PLANET the continuing American home for equestrian sports and Dressage event coverage.

We will support you as avid viewers and hope that the response to this call to action will prove the tenacity of the horse sports enthusiast.  We are asking our equestrian community to cut and paste this message and send to you by email.  We hope the response will generate much enthusiasm and you will help fill the gap in equestrian sports coverage in the USA!