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5 year old Dressage Prospect, Bright-lingh and his young rider, Kaylie Tammerijn in Holland



DRESSAGE PROSPECT,  BRIGHT-LINGH.  { Lingh x May Sherif x Urban }

My name is Kaylie and I’m 20 years old. I sat on a horse even before I could walk. My mother had her own horse and she always brought me with her to the stable. I went along to competitions and during the week when she was training. When I was 6 years old I got my own pony. In the beginning I was very scared but that was until my parents told me that they were going to sell her. From this moment on I put my fears aside and I started to enjoy it. Finally I also went to competitions but then at the age of 14 I grew too big for my pony.

Meanwhile I was also riding my mother’s horses and the horses at the stable where we had our horses stalled. Then, out of the blue, we received a mare. It was said she was dangerous and they wanted to have her killed. The mare had been abused and was scared when you touched her and when you sat on her she would rear all the time. My mum knew the horse and decided to take her to see if the mare could regain confidence and trust. My mother and I were riding her and it went very well. After a while she trusted us and we could do anything we wanted to do with her!

In 2005 we had her inseminated. The choice was difficult but we decided to choose Lingh as the father. In this time Lingh was ridden by Edward Gal in Grand Prix and they were winning a lot. The way Lingh is build suits our mare and in May 2006 our boy was born. Bright-lingh it was!

Bright-lingh, born in 2006

As a foal Bright was one of the 20 selected Lingh offspring for the show at the stables of Edward Gal but unfortunately he was limping that day. When still a foal, Bright went to Portugal and when aged 2.5 he went back to Holland. It was time to start working with him.

Bright-lingh paying attention !

The owner of our stable was doing it for me since I had no experience. He was not the easiest but after some time we rode him for the first time. It was kind of strange because we waited 3 years for this and all this time I was only able to watch him grow up.

Bright-lingh is a quick learner and when he trusts you,  he does everything. He really does a lot for you but he does let you know when he has difficulties doing certain exercises. Now we also compete in dressage and it goes fantastic. He is a little nervous but he doesn’t let it show. You can only feel it when you are riding him. In the beginning it felt a little scary, as if he could explode but now I know how to relax him. When he takes a deep breath he is relaxed. I really love his character!

Bright-lingh and Kaylie, trying hard and looking great !

Besides dressage we also have jumping lessons. It is not really my thing but he gives a great feeling especially because he doesn’t stop. He has a great canter so you can easily ride him in the course.He is almost 5 years now and never lets me down. I absolutely adore him!

Up and Over ! First times jumping....

This summer I have no special plans yet. If I choose to stay in Holland I will ride the outdoor selections to see how far we can make it. But on the other side I’m thinking about going to work in Portugal at the dressage academy of Daniel Pinto. If this is possible it would be a great experience for me and Bright. I want to make it as far as possible and hopefully we end up riding high level. I mean, you breed a horse and train it yourself and then reaching high level would be a dream coming true!

The favourite part of owning a young horse is that you have to teach him everything. As I said Bright is very cooperative and this feels wonderful. I have known him since the day he was born and then seeing him grow up and finally being able to ride him gives a wonderful feeling and a very strong connection.

The horse connection of Kaylie and Bright !



























In the stable Bright is very kind. I always have a certain whistle to call him. When he hears this, or when he hears my scooter, he immediately raises his head to see where I am. Then when I come in he is always happy to see me, putting his ears straight up and moving around his upper lip.  When putting on his bridle he always throws his head towards me. At first I thought he was just being rough but this is his way to let me know that he wants to be cuddled. Bright is a very playful horse, when he is free in the arena he loves to follow you around. He just loves attention and interaction. The people at my stable call him a clown. He has a special facial expression as if he is always fooling around and being happy. That is what I think makes him so special.”